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Paul Phillips loves weddings! Official!

If you are looking here you may well be looking for a wedding photographer. If you are..... congratulations and thank you for visiting.

Your wedding day is a piece of your family history. Your wedding album is a document that will stand the test of time. It can be passed down through your family who can look and see how wonderful their parents or grand parents wedding was. The printed album will still be around long after the computer storing your images has crashed, why run the risk of losing all your wedding photographs? 

I believe in offering the best of service to my clients. As a result I now restrict the number of weddings I undertake. This is to ensure a bespoke and personal service. I still offer a wide range of choice to my clients and still use wedding albums from one of the Worlds most exclusive manufacturers. After all, why have something everyone else has? This site contains a range of clients 'full' wedding albums, not just a selection of the photographers favourite images. Just straight forward samples of 'real' clients weddings and the final design of their album.

To help you with your planning I have also included a downloadable wedding album brochure. This shows the wide range of albums. I also constantly update and add to the collection to ensure you have the widest choice.

Quality does not come with an expensive price tag, but neither do I do cheap! Why would you want cheap on your wedding day, you want something that will last for years, something for you and your family to look at and even to be passed on when you are long gone. Your wedding is a part of history, I want to be part of that and to ensure there is a lasting document of your big big day. 

My pricing is very straightforward, but just a guide, all weddings are different and I operate a bespoke service catering for your own personal requirements. There is more information on the 'prices' page. 

I look forward to hearing from you.